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Tidbits and info about circular sock machines and knitting with them.

Lamb Tuttle 150 ribbing down the foot

Ribbing down the foot with the Lamb Tuttle LT150 is easy.

Spare Cones Anyone?

3D printed cones

The rarity of the oh so wonderful SHW-10 wool winders is a sad thing. They are no longer manufactured. The yarn winder has a level winding drum that ensure easy feeding of the yarn. Called by many names, the Model SHW-10 was made in… Continue Reading “Spare Cones Anyone?”

Why do finished sock toes have ears?

The very best explanation I have ever heard comes from the famous Steve Ashton. Steve makes kilts and traditional kilt socks. He recreates patterns that are no longer made today in modern mills and like days of old he makes the socks custom fit… Continue Reading “Why do finished sock toes have ears?”