Why Choose Us?

blur close up coffee cup and socks
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

We carry products such as textiles especially natural weather-friendly fibers, clothing patterns, digital longarm designs, notions and sundries. Traditionally dry goods stores were about things that hardware stores and grocery stores in small towns didn’t carry. Occasionally there is some overlap.

Also being in the South and rediscovering why our forebears wore linen, we aim to provide the most comfortable fabrics for clothing wear and some ready made clothing also. Being interested in fiber arts such as quilting, weaving, spinning and knitting with antique machines, and the like, we aim to carry  items which fulfill those needs.

Our store is the best place to purchase the type of goods we sell because we use these items ourselves and have experience with them. If we don’t like how they perform, we will remove them from our site.  When possible we want to feature grown and made in America products, but for the best of the best we will carry items from other countries. Price is important too but you will not find poorly made fabric or items here.

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