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South Texas chick who drinks margaritas, makes not boring socks with antique sock machines, quilts, leaves her christmas lights up till March (inside the house), quilts, weaves, wears linen all year round and is also married into one of the coolest ranching families ever.

My great grandmother told me to never ever be left with the thoughts, “if only I had, if only I would have tried, If only I had been brave enough.” She has always been my inspiration to move forward in life and her advice applied to every area of my life has led to great success. Now I want to share my passion for fibers and textiles with you.


This globe trotting granny (new granny) frequently travels, enjoys fine wine, and hosts craft-a-thons with the Texas Dry Goods gals. The instigator of all things and group gatherings Betsy often leads the way in our crafting adventures. Sewing has been a life long passion along with dogs, and a husband who has partnered many of her fun varied adventures.


Rosine is a native Texan. She is the finest party planner and organizer we could hope to have. Her needlework inspires many oh’s and ahh’s within the Texas Dry Goods domain. Handwork has been her mainstay. We are trying to pervert her hand sewn perfection with our need for speed and machines. We’ve managed to help her find her new passions, machine sewing and embroidery sewing. Her infectious enthusiasm keeps our shop going.


The best laughs are served up by this sarcastic funny lady. Connie has perfect comedic timing and can slide in a zinger at the perfect moment with either a word or a perfectly times facial expression. She can sew faster than any of us with her absolutely exquisite featherweight. We are all jealous (or at least Kelly is) of her fantastic well taken care of mint-condition minty green feather weight. (yes, Kelly is really jealous).

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